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'A Piece Of History’

 A.P.O.H emerged from our passion for human history with all its great achievements and inspiring characters.


We want to share where we‘ve come from to inspire where we’re going.

We care about the environmental impact we have as a brand, which is

why we’re doing our part to develop more sustainable ways of working.


One way we’re doing this is by matching the supply with the demand

therefore avoiding any unnecessary overproduction.

We only produce to order, no more.


All our styles are made from organic cotton. Let’s give those pesticides

a real hard time!


...and that’s just the beginning. We are constantly re-evaluating our

practices to find ways to better them.


We believe in the community, love sharing and collaborating. If you

have any good ideas on how to improve things feel free to get in touch.


Let’s appreciate the past to enjoy the future.